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ball doughnut exclamationmark
This story is dedicated to Tanaria, Janice, and Jen, three of the bravest people I know. hash
leaf spiral lips

NOTE: this interactive story was spread over the following sixteen pages:
ball, doughnut, exclamationmark, flower, hash, heart, hourglass,
labia, leaf, lips, questionmark, spiral, squiggle, star, sun, and wheel

The images for ball, labia, and hourglass are no longer online.
The stories for ball, labia, and wheel       are no longer online.

Originally, this page was located at http://www.devrandom.net/~aidan/story.html
and at http://gendergrove.virtualave.net/story.html. Visit these pages if you want.

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This Sphere page first resurrected 6/6/07 by Stephe Feldman. Last update: 8/25/07.