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Who Are We? What Are We?

Some of the many ways people have introduced themselves to the group:


  • heh. i'm a fratboy trapped in the body of a porn star i'm just f*cked. i like women more than men, but i relate to men and chill with men better, and i'm really a pig, but sometimes i'm a feminist, well, always, but i mean i get pissed if shit is f*cked up, and men aren't allowed to say the piggy things i do, only me, coz i have to deal with it every day, but then i'm sleeping with a guy, who the F*Ck knows why, coz he's a sagittarius and is cute and sad and i have this mothering instinct. *breathe* i should add that i'm way more attracted to women. and only have sex dreams/fantasies about women. it's weird being built like a pornstar i'm the american ideal

  • 1. Boy 2. Woman 3. Drag queen 4. Man 5. Woman identifying as a boy presenting as a girl (that was my favorite) 6. Gay man 7. Queer fagboy teen 8. Dyke 9. Crone 0. Punk grrl 11. Witch 12. God 13. Cat 14. Drag king 15. Guy witch 16. Geek 17. Geek grrl 18. Geek boy 19. Non-gendered 20. Amazon 21. Handsome young blade 22. Butch 23. High femme 24. Profeminist 25. Feminist 26. Radical 27. Frog 28. FTM 29. Transfag 30. Fabulous man 31. Son 32. Boy to a dyke daddy 33. Slave 34. HERMAPHRODYKE 35. Birkenstocky 36. Male-to-female transsexual I know some of them don't even sound human and you could argue that some aren't genders or some of them are the same as others, but they don't FEEL the same when you put them on.

  • The top of my identity list: 1) not-male 2) not-female 3) male and female 4) what? genderidentity? can i eat that? 5) punk girl 6) wave-gothic 7) rock girlboy 8) lesbian with penis 9) bisexual hetero 10) ...
  • My favorite id label this month is male-identified pansexual genderqueer leather perv. ;-)

  • I am writing this while fresh out of the shower in my briefs packed, with nothing else on, tits out with the tattoo showing. wish I had someond here to snap a pic. History: Have always been a gay boy drag queen. came out as queer at 17 in 1971. My friends were gay boys, I lived in a gay boy collective, had sex with them, went out to bars with them, was in love with one who could not love me back because of my femaleness. I once thought that transitioning was pointless, because I'd want to switch again. I was always a woman who wanted to be a man, who wanted to be a woman.
  • When I was a bit younger, I first realized that I did not identify with either gender entirely, but with nearly-equal parts of both. The main part of this that distressed me was that I had no name for my condition. I was not transgendered, not any kind of normal. (This was long before I stopped putting labels on myself.) I asked many people I knew "Hypothetically, if someone identified with both genders equally, what would they be called?"
  • I'm a 21-y.o. byke who's recently come out as bigendered...(like, as of this past two weeks)...I'm actually a fag and a dyke and a gender-ambiguous bi person all rolled into one (three! three! three for the price of one!)
  • 26 y/o tranny-type (born female) planning to go testosterone in 1998. Frustrated by limitations of dual gender system. I identify as an FTM transman, but am questioning this a bit... seems FTM is the best *known* description of myself, but really see myself as walking the very, very thin line that separates male from female. I guess I really identify as both genders, and get frustrated that I'm seen as female on a daily basis. Wish I could put a sign on my forehead that said "Hello. Today I am male/female" and circle the appropriate gender of the moment. I worry about still feeling caught in the dual gender trap when I transition.
  • I go by two names, Stephen and Taina, depending on whether I'm being my male self or my female (birth) self. I generally ID as a female-bodied man because I've an FTM who's made the decision not to transition.I'm not sure where that leaves me in the gender sphere.
  • hi. i'm lion and i'm the partner/wife/lover of a butch woman. she is a soft type butch (new age butch) on the streets, and really quite a feminist in her values and politics...her dual gender is very much a sexual thing---she sees herself sexually as more male than female, wonders what it would be like to live more male, but isn't crazy about male culture and likes dyke culture....i'm comfortable with it all as it changes. i am a femme identified jewish lesbian, a mom, i work with queers and teach. what do you wanna know about me? i like life on the edge.
  • Micheline is unable to live as a woman on a daily basis because she works as a teacher and she will not be allowed to work dressed in female clothing; but if Micheline had the choice to dress the way that she prefers, she would teach dressed with nice blouses, skirts, dresses, hoses and high heels and you may be sure that Micheline would be certainly one of the best dressed girl in her college. When Micheline is dressed in female clothing, not only she feels much more free and comfortable, but this is really the way that she likes and it is the reason why she would like to wear female clothing 24 hours a day. In fact, she finds it more "standard" for her to live and to teach dressed as a woman than dressed as a man. So, not only Micheline likes to dressed herself in female clothing, but she becomes a little bit more feminine day after day. Micheline is really a Shemale and she is proud of that and very happy. Micheline has two personalities inside her body but she has no problem with her double personality because even if her two personalities live in the same body, they never live together at the same time. When Micheline is dressed in female clothing, she is a woman; no more and no less than any other woman, and when she is dressed as a man, she acts as any other man. Micheline thinks that her manner of thinking is the main reason why she has no conflict of personality. She feels very comfortable with her two personalities and she is very happy.
  • I describe myself as a dyke, a lesbian, a butch, a *daddy* (when she needs me to be), a *boy*(when I need to be), a mom for my son (doing the mom stuff in concert with my partner & dad stuff additionally), a househusband, a partner of equal status, and an all around nice guy. Living in the very snowy northeast. I had been employed in social justice/women empowering type work..and now adjusting to being the stay at home parent..mommy/dad/househusband.

  • i identify by niether i dont feel the least bit grrrlllly but i dont feel super strongly about being a boy either. Even still i love to dress in Drag (i have a drag personality named Thelma) i live my life not the least bit restricted by boundries of gender i use both male and female bathrooms depending on the situation. At church conferences (we go to a wonderful liberal church any UU's here?) I use the mens room but at school it is really hard because too many people know me for me to use the mens and to many dont know me for me to use the womens. In fact i was almost brought to the principals office for using the womens room. I despite my identity have only one name Karla and i identify all my personas by that (it means little and womanly this could not be farther from the truth but hey works for me). I am only 16 so no surgerys in the near future but when i am old enough i WILL have a beard and no breasts of the male or female variety and no reproductive organs (hysterectomy for me).
  • I am, let's see, a butch dyke who's lived in dyke communities for 15 years. Just recently I've started to come to terms with my gender identity. For a long time I felt that I had made peace with being a woman by being a dyke. But more recently as I've watched two friends transition to living as men and seriously wondered if I also needed to transition, it's become clear that although butch and dyke feel like home, woman does not. I am returning to a conception of myself that started when I was 10 or 11 as not girl, not boy. When faced with the concepts of masculine and feminine, I feel hopelessly confused. My capacity for femininity is about zero, and my relationship to masculinity is mixed. Although I think I've answered the question, do I need to transition, negatively, I still wonder sometimes. From where do I want to springboard into being not girl, not boy? Would being a man externally in the world be a better fit. I'm still sorting it out.
  • Basic bio of stuff that's important to me: I'm a femme 36 year old bisexual, a 3rd degree Wiccan priest, a serious SF fan, and a polyamorist. Three 1/2 years ago I was handfasted with my wife, who is also bi and moderately butch and life has been pretty calm. 4 months ago we both became involved with her best friend who is moving back to our area (Oregon) and in with us in 6 weeks. This change has caused lots of serious thinking on my part. Our new partner (Ladonna) is extremely butch and definitely transgendered. Talking with her, combined with the fact that a bit over a year ago my best friend of the last 15 years underwent FtoM SRS has made me consider more about what being femme means to me. That's why I'm here. While I'd greatly enjoy the ability to switch physical genders at will, I'm OK with my body and have no real interest in doing the whole TS thing. I tend to think of myself as non-gendered, but am definitely more comfortable with femme modes of dress and behavior. I don't do drag because I would feel fake (and likely look quite hideous) so I've adopted a style of dress similar to Quentin Crisp. Anyway, at the moment I feel that I'm still exploring the boundaries of gender and am honestly not sure where I want to go next.
  • I am a 23 year old from Eau Claire, WI. I have no idea what I am and I like it that way. :) I dress "male", but I consider myself to be neither gender.
  • *giggle* I prefer to not have a label at all, but since people seem to want to know what gender and orientation I am, I may as well give them a confusing label, at best. So a nongendered lesbian kinda sums it up. I don't want to have a gender (or at least a label ;), and I like women, and I associate myself more with being female than being male, so lesbian works well. Especially since I can't say "gay" or "straight"...those require male/female gender labels. ;) I chose my gender. None of the above. I like it like that. My *body*, on the other hand, I want to be feminine. Big difference.
  • Briefly, I'm 22 (just turned last week!), and "in-between" genders. Sorta. Kinda. Maybe. Perhaps? I dunno anymore. =) At the moment, I consider myself a nongendered transsexual lesbian. But, as has been happening for the past year, I may change that description at any time. =) It's certainly been interesting, not only in dealing with "normal" (feh) people, but also with transsexuals, since I refuse to really pick a gender and stick with it. Hmph! I'm on hormones, and I'm not really sure about whether I even want surgery, assuming I'd be able to pay for it in the first place.

  • I was assigned female at birth, but clearly identify as more masculine than feminine. i don't believe in a binary gender system that is so strongly reinforced in this country.
  • I'm new to this and at this point don't have alot to say. I too feel like a third sex. I'm born a female but have always felt like a male. I dress and act more male. Never could relate to what the world says a female should act or feel.
  • i'm a butch dyke boychick southern gentleman...which is a gender i'm proud to say i constructed on my own..
  • I've always been fascinated (really obsessed) with the differences between gender roles that society forces on us. I grew up very sad about the gender role I was forced into because of my biological sex at birth. I knew I was different from a very early age... my earliest memories! (*grin*).Finally, over seven years ago, I came out as being ts. So, I've been in that "in-between" space. Yes, it is fun being ambiguous and getting the reaction. I have some fun memories from that time. I also have some painful ones, cuz some people can be downright cruel. Most were supportive. I started out dating men exclusively and even was engaged to one. Then, I started dating women and am still with my girlfriend of 2+ years. I think I'm bi though... It all depends on who I'm currently in love with.
  • Physically, I'm female...at least, last time I checked, I was;) Internally, I identify with bits and pieces of many gender identities... Much of the time I act like a typical macho "guy", then sometimes I feel more like I identify with queer men. I have some classic female tendencies, such as a strong maternal instinct and a desire for romance in relationships. I'm attracted to women just as much as men, but I don't identify with any part of lesbianism. I'm attracted to women when I feelmasculine, not when I feel feminine, if that makes sense. My appearance is quite androgynous...I can't count the number of times people have mistaken my gender (or just plain not known what I was) when they first met me. I love that, it's so much fun for me to hear someone refer to me as "him" when they talk:) Some days I feel that it would be ideal to have been born a man with a strong desire to be a woman.
  • I was born male, I identify more as female, but choose to remain with male traits ....maybe indefinitely. as Cat will tell you, I consider myself an 'in-betweener' I would describe myself as a third-gender type.
  • I'm a biological female in highschool and I'm not a cross-dresser persay. It's hard to explain....I feel like a crossdresser when I wear women's clothing, but I don't feel male at all....almost like I feel like a transvestite male or a drag queen trapped in a woman's body...and I'm bisexual....(a lot closer to being gay though, I only like feminine or androgenus males)

  • Hi I am 36 M2F and I am on HRT about 5 months now..
  • Am i male, female, androgyn. Well, i've got a male body, at least the outside says so. What my hormones or genes tell me, i don't know, never looked at them. And my socialization is mostly male. But how come i don't feel i fit in the category male? Is it because i like woman's clothes more? The bright colours, the soft materials. Or is it that i don't like (some) stereotype macho male behaviour which i'm supposed to have? (I don't like (some) stereotype female behaviour either)? Is it that i don't want to be part of the same sex which have many rapists in it? Is it because i'm curious to know how it feels to be female, to have real breasts and to make love as awoman? Maybe it's just that i think the dichotomy male-female doesn't fit on every human, including me. Ooh, i like it when people don't know my sex at first sight. Or the looks on their faces telling me that males are not supposed to wear leggings and nail-varnish.

  • Im a F2M...I think I would be a fag before I would identify as a straight man ...but neither seem to quite capture my "identity"
  • I'm always growing around gender issues and identity, and currently identify as male, but not a *man*, plus queer, gay, but also bi. I don't think most T people I know would consider me "that way", but I also identify as a radical faerie and believe in gender f*ck as a valid way of life.
  • I can't say I'm too far out there...but as a f2m who wants to grow up and be a drag queen...I suppose I qualify somehow ;)
  • I was born female, but always IDed as male. I started testosterone about 2 years ago &, though I've had no surgeries due to lack of funds, am legally male.I guess if I had to list all the "terms" I use to define myself, they would have to be: Jewish, FTM, male, SM top, play Pan (as in SM play), sexually hetero, but pretty much think of myself as queer. That's enough labels for now.
  • I don't consider myself hetero,probably a queer man attracted to fem women. I have wonderful grrl (Missy Cuss),and am her lovin,Top Daddy!! Was for that damned thing"label", a butch daddy,into strictly "daddys grrls".:::::strokin whiskers on my chin:::,umm,yeah thats what I am.I know I am not as prejudiced- generalizing,about all men are----fill in the blank.As a trans man,I am finding such a variety of "what a man (or women,or any),id,gender,spirit" we trually are.I feel more open minded then ever.I guess its like they say "never too late to teach an *old* dog new tricks".
  • born female i sometimes id as non-op tg ... but ussually i say gender-f*d or gq (gender queer). i cross-dress sometimes (like today) in a skirt n feminine clothes n sometimes that makes me feel sexy ... (yes i call wearing women's clothes cross-dressing tho' i am female b/ i ussually wear jeans n shirts) i used to bind, but have learned during the past 5 months to love my body the same way as the wman i luv (ex gf) does ... n luv the way it feels to have breasts n have them touched etc by that someone special (not anyone else) i am not into sex toys n playing the male role in bed b/ due to thangs that have happened to me in me life, i am really submissive in r/ships n *bed*.
  • I'm an ftm trannytrash genderqueer boy and occasional baby genderf*ck dragqueen, part transfag and part transqueer who loves mtfs, dragqueens, ftms, and transbutches.

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