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The Internet is rich in chat rooms, including trans-oriented ones, but most if not all of them are oriented to transsexuals and transvestites, and of those most of them are male-to-female almost exclusively. There are some "transmen" rooms starting up, and now we're creating a chat room for non, poly, and third-gendered folk of all kinds. Binary-gendered people are welcome too, whether they're transsexuals or even "straight," but mostly this space is to provide support and fun for the queerest of queer-gendered netizens. Have fun!
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New chatroom! Check out what the extremely lovely Robin is making out of PHP/MySQL. (Whoops - this is down right now.)

A spare: our old chatroom is cgi, slow, and requires frames. If you still want to use it, it's at http://mercury.beseen.com/chat/rooms/m/5625.

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