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I've been meaning to dig out and html some of the stuff I've written in the past that I liked. Here are a bunch of poems and some stories... IMHO, they're almost grouped in order of how good they are... I like the stories better than the poems, and the farther down you get, the less I think these are examples of my good work... but they're vintage, man.
Think of this page as a glimpse into my life in highschool.
addendum, june 1999: hahahahahaha. i stayed up till 4am the first time I put this directory up, going through everything I'd ever written and deciding what was less-than-physically-painful to read. Now it's all been deleted from my hard drive through the adventures of a completely incompetent mac repairman who doesn't realize OR care that he's using a buggy version of Norton Utilities which deletes the entire folder containing a corrupted file. Fucking asshole. So it's a damn good thing I put this up, cause this is all that's left of seven years of writing. I'll never see my old diary again.
addendum, august 2002: actually i've started to find scraps of the old diary in recovered files. i've gone through eight; there are about four thousand. hey hey!! also, i thought i should note that a lot of the stuff on this page is post-highschool and even supernew stuff.

Ducks Don't Need Umbrellas (december 1992) Doctor Who fanfic moment for 9th grade drama/speech/English class. A little surreal.
Interpretation of the Delphian Oracle (march 1994) Short dramatic parody.
Haste Makes Waste (october 1994) Short Doctor Who fanfic and activist propaganda, a bit.
DolphinSong (december 1994) Slightly surreal short story.
Persecution (Fall 1995) A short short story.
Remote Control -or- Requiem For a Warrior (november 1995) VERY surreal, slightly longer story. It's Doctor Who fanfiction, really.
The Christmas Story: a tale of music, mayhem, and myrrh (december 1995)
In the Heat of the Night (1995??) character background for a long-ago roleplaying game.
The Icewoman Cometh (1995)
In Your Dreams (Fall 1996) Another short story about that character and the trials of lesbian parenting decisions. And stuff.
Gender Euphoria (Fall 1996) Short "magical writing" about a tranny superhero of sorts. I don't know why this is the text-only version; it was hypertext fiction.
The Teachings of Tara: A Transgendered, Non-gendered Tale (Summer 1998) A transgendered interpretation of the bodhisatva Tara. [on-site]
chris story (Summer 1998) First draft of a phoenix-like magical fiction ftm tale. When I go back to it, it'll be phoenixy anyway, but right now I just wanted to end it so I could put it somewhere.
Alchemy (Summer 1999) A bit of an exploration into the world of genderqueer erotica.
Dictionary Assignment (September 1999) This is non-fictional, but it was an assignment for my Creative Writing of Fiction Advanced Thingy class.
Flan for Three (October 1999) Random story about being poly; semi-autobiographical. Semi-fictional. I've been wanting to do something around a recipe format for a while. Next: Cake-baking erotica! hee :-)
Grocery List (October 1999) Surreal stream of consciousness fragment from the beginning of a longer story, which "Flan" will also be a part of.
Roses (Fall 1999, and ongoing) The longer story containing the above two fragments. There is more, I think, somewhere, and there will also BE more as we continue writing. I think this story proves that Rose is another one of the writers in our system.
Door-to-Door Bisexuality (June 2000) What if bisexuals converted people?
The Five Dollar Soul (Winter 2001-2)
Sarcastic Commercial May 2002
The Pancake Story April and August 2002. May be the first chaper of a longer book. That would be fun.
the prompt: "begin a story with a character who has lost something important to them." October 2002.

Synesthesia (Fall 1995) Surrealism in the Beatles' music.
We're All Activists (Fall 1998?) How to live a revolutionary life.
You Are A Feminist 1997-8? One of my old rants.
What is Neofeminism? (Spring 1998) I helped finish this piece.
John Travolta or Bill Gates (1998) The media visualizes the perfect president. Also: some thoughts on TIME magazine.
Are you a neofeminist? (Spring 1998) I think Ratty and I collaborated on (most of) this... the rest was done by consensus :)
I think I'm turning into a guy (Oct. 1997) Coming-out essay for the Mills Weekly.

Small Random Poems
The Agent: An Ode to Agent Mulder (1995?) A filking of "The Boxer," with apologies to Simon and Garfunkel.
Our Hands Are Bound (1995?) Another filk, also for the X-Files sim fanfic anthology.
Economic Disarmament (first draft) written at the guerrilla poetry workshop at the 1999 YLP queer youth conference.
guilt (first draft and a half) spontaneous poetry thoughts at the 1999 writer's harvest.
TEOT-WAWKI (first draft, fall 1999) Spontaneous poetry written on forum.

Tranny Poems
First Draft: Binding Poem (spring 1998)
The Shopping List (first draft) (July 1999)
Master and Servant Not a poem: an article about why the trans community and the BDSM community overlap so much. (Summer 1999)
Strangers In A Land That Is Not Theirs a song. (Fall 1999)

Love Poems
syrup (february 1996)
Feminine Rhyme (february 1996)
Ecstacy (march 1996)
spring (march 1996)
date (may 1996)
magnetic poetry (september 1996)
Recent Poems (spring 1999)

Pagan Poems
Winter Solstice (january 1995)
She Changes Everything She Touches (march 1995)
Immaculate Conception (october 1995)
Starry Woods (october 1995)
Extrapolated from a Tangerine (february 1995)
bike ride (may 1995)
Heartbeats (february 1995)

School/Family Poems
Joyeux de Mots (october 1993)
pageflight (june, 1994)
A Christmas Poem For My Atheist Brother (december 1994)

Political Poems
i can see the light (january 1994)
31 flavors of chaos (november 1994)
Puterspace (january 1995)
Plastic Fantastic Lover (march 1995)
Mother's Day Is (may 1995)


Created March 19, 1999; last updated July 30, 2001.

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