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Francais .... English

This page was generated by taking the text of my original homepage, translating it into French using Babelfish, and then putting that text back through to be translated into English.

I still thought of what of putting to the top here. And I thought well, ", I could put the naked images of me on line and it would still not be also personal or indicating only the writings that I have current on line " And then I thought, " hé! naked images of me! it would be a fresh concept for the Web page! "

thus not, those are not pix of MY shoulders o-ainsi-o-so-revealing.
Places where there recently was of new information: (Cinco de Mayo, 2000) my response to the functioning of mill�nium on Washington; my thoughts one (a), trannies, and " the movement; " Damien has a page of quotation mark now; and an older substance... (Dec. 10, 1999) I wrote a song! and there is new pix in the spokestranny page and naturally at the zone of writings. (Oct. 27) [on-site] my idea of what " is bisexuality ", and the rant page of old man bisexuality; and our notes of smart-ass on the " HTML of study "; then there is my elder project, ingredients of; and there is SO MUCH prettiness in the page of sphere now and there is now a page of quotation mark of SHAHN! the OH, my, so much much of good role of model boy. Moreover, Nrrd_style Revolution Now!, Why I Am Powers Of Austin; and I just put on line my plan!
Ingredients for my homepage
Six ounces of strange substance (preferred transport)
Three ounces of substance of recreation (a variety of savours; improvise!)
A finger of the pagan pages (goldschlager, baby!)
A splash each one of geekiness and projects useless
Above with activism whip-towards the top.
(stir up and are useful. Drink with some friends.)

Really new Crap: pages of the quotation mark of Chris and Andy. Recreation for the whole family. Moreover, Frathouse, our webpage apartmental. And naturally Spokestranny, a series of fake ADS which I make while using of the trannies to announce the substance notes please: I particularly do not support really all these products SUV. Also: Productions of Net.Spider was now launched! You can now save time and energy while paying me to seek you the net. Oh joy. Oh is always, my little of heart!

This page created 1/1/98 and updated April past 14, 2000.
With thanks to beautiful the webmaster of dizzy spell of site and bombdiggity of greeting, and with cola, the goddess of Web which helped me to rearrange the substance until it was perfect.
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This Sphere page first resurrected 7/17/07 by Stephe Feldman. Last update: 9/13/07.