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This site is going to be my online journal of my transgendered journey.

Sit down, strap yourself in, and
enjoy the ride.

Current Content:

A rainbow of fruit flavors

My explanation of gender in general

When I realized I was trans


Coming to terms with my masculinity

Not being trannyenough.

Choosing a name

My "How much do YOU understand about my gender?" Test

Rogaine Results

Coming Out Sucks [not in web archive]

A multigendered moment (written February 99, html'ed Nov. 99)

transition revelations (new aug. 99)

going to the gender clinic (also new aug. 99)

chapter two: making a decision (from aug. 99, html'ed nov. 99)

chapter three: the joy of hormones

my week o' drama (sep. 11, 1999)

seeing leslie feinberg! (sep. 27, 99)

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This page first created Aug. 9, 1998. Last updated Nov. 5, 1999.

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This Sphere page first resurrected 7/17/07 by Stephe Feldman. Last update: 8/27/07.